At CityStu, middle and high school students (grades 7-12) can hang out, meet friends, eat and play games, as well as experience times of worship and teaching on Sunday mornings (at 9a) and Sunday evenings (6-8p).

CityStu equips and encourages students in middle and high school to follow Jesus Christ single-mindedly, whole-heartedly, and self-sacrificially. Our desire is to see the young men and women to whom we minister grow in their knowledge and practice of the Word, their love for God and others, and their individual righteousness.

To that end, CityStu is committed to a philosophy of life-on-life, missional discipleship. We believe that real discipleship happens when the life-changing truth of Scripture is infused into genuine relationships over an extended period of time. Our Sunday morning and large-group times center on the faithful proclamation of the Word because we believe firmly in the authority, sufficiency, and necessity of Scripture. Nevertheless, we believe mere proclamation—though necessary for growth—is not sufficient for growth.

Therefore, we encourage deep relationships through our community groups and our life-on-life discipleship relationships. In these intimate, authentic, personal meetings, we apply the life-changing truths we have heard proclaimed to our individual lives. We believe the Spirit uses these means to produce the fruit he longs to see in us.

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