We all have questions. Lots of them. But can we ask them without fear of judgment or rejection? At Cityview, you’ll find a safe place to explore life’s most important issues. We strive to offer honest answers to honest questions so that seekers and skeptics can doubt and investigate in a warm, accepting, and authentic community.

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Does Life Have Purpose?

Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?

Is There a God? (And If So, Who Is He?)

Who Is Jesus? (And Did He Really Rise from the Dead?)

Can I Know God Personally?

Is the Bible Reliable?

     Is the Bible Reliable?
     You Can’t Take the Bible Literally
In My Book
          The Authority Question
          The Assumption Question
          The Proof Question
          The Integrity Question

Is Christianity Too Narrow?

     Is Christianity Too Narrow?
     Christians Think They Know Everything
     There Can’t Be Just One Way
No Other (Sermon Series)
          A God Like No Other
          A Person Like No Other
          A Salvation Like No Other
          An End Like No Other

     How Many Gods Are There?

How Can I Find Hope and Happiness?