Our mission is to equip people to magnify Christ and serve others.

Our Vision

To magnify Christ, we are sent to serve:

the seeking as we proclaim compellingly,

the church as we connect authentically,

the family as we lead faithfully,

the city as we minister compassionately, and

the culture as we engage intentionally.

Our Values

God’s Word

We value the Bible because we believe it is sufficient, clear, authoritative, and necessary in all that it proclaims. Therefore, we will give it central place in our ministry and strive to teach it with care, authority, and integrity so that many believe in, mature in, and serve Jesus. We will reflect deeply on God’s revelation and allow it to shape all our thinking and vision.

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Spiritual Life

We value a vital Spiritual life among all our people because we believe it is the will of God that we be filled and keep in step with his Spirit. Therefore, to maintain a vibrant fellowship with God, we will seek to connect with him through regular, varied, and fervent prayer.

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Gospel-centered Ministry

We value the gospel because we believe it is the power of God for the salvation of all who believe. Therefore, we will proclaim the gospel of grace—as opposed to the false gospels of legalism, moralism, or cheap grace—so that people serve Christ from the motivation of love and gratitude, not self-interest, guilt, or condemnation.

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Authentic Worship

We value worship that is authentic and acceptable to God because we believe that we best glorify God by treasuring and delighting in the majesty of who he is. Therefore, we desire to acknowledge God’s supreme value and worth in our personal lives and in our vibrant times of corporate worship.

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Relational Disciple-Making

We value the relationships necessary for true discipleship and evangelism to happen because we believe that God works in people through people. Therefore, we provide opportunities and training for people to connect with one another at the heart level to build one another up in love as they minister the Word to each other.

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Transformative Community

We value biblical community where people have opportunity to minister to and love one another. Therefore, we ask all our people to commit to and fully participate in our Community  and Journey groups so they may grow in grace, exercise their gifts, and experience transformative community.

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Missional Mindset

We value the mission to which God has called us because we believe we best serve God, grow in grace, and love others when we are on mission. Therefore, we commit to uphold the following missional values:

Gospel-centered multiplication (including church planting),
Conspicuous service in our city,
Pursuit of biblical justice,
Importance of vocation,
Faithful leadership in the family,
Congregational mobilization, and
Contextualized, relevant ministry.

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