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April 2022

Former women’s room – soon to be coat room

Finished for  Easter 2022

Mar 2022

Adding in Canopy

Canopy, view from the side

Beginning of the stairwell

Concrete block going up for new north exit stairway

Building the stairway. Blue? Actually it’s the waterproof spray.  The red face brick is next.

Completed stairwell

The remaining series are very rare views from a drone

The cornerstone was relocated, containing items from 1941, 1966 and 2022

Feb 2022

Two of the real columns are up

Foundation is done and backfilled

Backfilled to the lobby level

Final demolition of the coatroom and lobby restroom.

The darker wall section was the closet west wall.

The beige wall was the restroom.

Boiler room electrical panel.

Why aren’t the lights working?

Electrical panel after

Lights are back on!

Elevator shaft

Blue was main center front door under the portico

Construction of the elevator shaft from the perspective of the lobby level

From the size of the construction man, you can get a sense of the size and depth

Elevator shaft construction almost to the height of the former front door

Steel beam delivered to the lower level

Lobby looking north

Photo standing where the entry stairs to the lobby will be built

Looking east

The circle window was right above the lift

Far left is the edge of the east front door

Third floor toilets and sinks pulled

Giant sawblade to cut through walls

Wall cut for the stair door

Looking down into the new north stairway. The giant saw blade was used to cut a new door opening in the existing foundation wall. This is how one will access the new fire stair from the Kids City nursery area.

You can see the piece that was cut out laying on the ground, dropped onto an old tire to cushion the blow. It also allows for chains the be wrapped on the 3’ wide x 7’ long by 18” thick hunk of concrete so it can be lifted out of the hole. It weighs about 4,700 pounds.

Jan 2022

Looking northeast  from the far corner of our biggest classroom

New wall is for the south wall of a classroom

Very left edge, the frame for the hallway

Facing north, third floor classroom framing & drywall

Right door frame is leading to a new hallway

Way far right, through the framing, are classrooms.

Looking east from where the large staircase used to be

Taking out the wall on the east side of the lift

Footing near portico, looking toward Fellowship Hall.

Cinder block in the back left was a Fellowship Hall far northwest window

Framing in front of it is for new stairwell

Lobby, looking from the coffee bar, to the front doors

Right, partition wall going up (temporarily) to block off construction

Looking from lobby toward the coat racks & handicapped washroom, all removed

Brooms on right are in the coat room, far west end

Looking toward the main doors, on the right is where the lift was

Main entry, looking deep down to lower level, elevator placement

Front main doors, entry staircase is gone

Two doors right & left, main side doors boarded up

Partitioning off the lobby

Dec 2021

Front, Dec 2021

Front, Dec 2021

Footing formed, front

From Fellowship Hall lobby looking to front

Front Dec 2021

Drywall delivery

Drywall delivery

Drywall delivery

Drywall delivery

Nov 2021

Removal of Columns

Lower level Fellowship Hall lobby

3rd floor wall frames

Oct 2021

Asbestos removal

Cornerstone removal

Two of the real columns are up

Foundation is done and backfilled

Backfilled to the lobby level

Electrical panel after

Lights are back on!

The cornerstone was relocated, containing items from 1941, 1966 and 2022