How do I get connected at church when it seems everybody already has enough friends?

How do I go deeper in my faith?

How do I get off the sidelines and into the “game,” and start serving at Cityview?

Because our mission is to help people move from seeking Jesus to serving Jesus, we’ve created a simple pathway to help you get connected and then get involved.

So what do you need to do?

Right now, I need to:


1. Explore

We want everyone to have the opportunity to explore the Christian faith in a safe and loving environment. If you are questioning Christianity, or are interested in what it means to follow Jesus, we encourage you to take this step by getting involved in The Well. This is a group specifically designed for those who are questioning Christianity that meets during our Explore Hour time (Sundays at 9a).


2. Engage

Our desire is to see people connect to God and then to each other in real, transformative community. If you are looking to get connected at Cityview, we encourage you to take this step by attending our monthly Tour the City event, joining a Community Group, or attending our Explore Hour time on Sunday mornings.


3. Establish

We want people to set down deep roots in the faith and the community during their time at Cityview. If you are looking to go deep, we encourage you to take this step by joining a Journey Group or Community Group, or attending one of the classes offered during our Explore Hour time.


4. Equip

As you are getting established—keeping in mind that no one ever really “arrives” or feels ready—you will want to begin serving in the church and the community, to live life on mission. We want to equip everyone for ministry—outreach, discipleship, compassion, and more! If you are looking to begin serving formally or informally, we encourage you to get equipped by joining a Journey Group or attending classes offered in the Tyrannus track during our Explore Hour time on Sunday mornings.


5. Embark

Our end goal is to see everyone at Cityview multiplying in the faith—no longer simply consuming what others offer them, but making disciples who make disciples (…). If you are established in the faith and equipped for ministry, we encourage you to embark by leading a Community or Journey Group, teaching in our Explore Hour time, or simply engaging in informal relational evangelism and life-on-life discipleship! Contact Brandon Cooper at for more information.