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And good morning. Am I on time? All right. Oh, man. Oh, Josh. And the thing I’ve been doing CrossFit. I went twice to CrossFit. Actually. It was a pattern, it just was a pattern that was broken easily. You know, being at Wellspring is like being home. You might say, Yeah, it’s like your living room, because half your family is here. That is true. But being here is like home because it is home, in this building. But in this community, I have made huge steps in my faith. And so might say, I still have more steps to take, of course, in my discipleship, it’s been a great place to grow up. And in fact, as my good friend, Pat Ward tells a story, I’m just telling his story. This is a place where I used to on Wednesday night, dominate basketball, they’re in the gym. That’s him. That’s him telling it not me. But it’s also a place where Melanie and I got married. Right. It’s a place where we served on staff, where we saw lives change in our lives for change. It was a place where we dedicated the first of four kids to the Lord. And more than 20 years ago, it was a place that we were sent out to be sent once to be present over there and supported from here. It’s also a place where my mom and dad call home. And for many of you who’ve known throughout the years, it’s been maybe hard with COVID, and all that to be present. But it’s good to have you guys here this morning as well. And so it’s a privilege to see you guys from up here. And I know all the people there love seeing you as well. So Amen. We do have some prayer magnets with the QR code, right? You might not be able to see it from where you’re sitting, but we have some. And you can wait until the end of the service because like Lee said, they will be free. If you wait at the end, some things are free. And that’s good. That’s a good hack. Just wait, don’t commit to buying something. Wait for it to come to you. In preparation for today, Pastor Brandon was sharing with the various speakers that we’re gonna be sharing through summer time, oh, Summer at City View, and just said two things, Hey, bring your best and bring the Bible, right. So I’m going to bring my five loaves and two fish and may the Lord multiply it. But when he’s talking about the best, I have a children’s dedication sermon that really is pretty good. And a Mother’s Day sermon, but I so it’s up to you which one you want to hear right? But he never clarified in what language? So that’s on him. So this is going to be in Espanol, CEOs, birth CEOs, but sad. Not at all. But he did say Tim would be, it’d be good. If you could find some 18th 19th century obscure theologian to quote, I guess that that really hits and if you can’t see us, Louis will do. All right. So yes, listen to now, some of us may have actually read the whole library of CS Lewis. But I slept in CS Lewis his bed and a breakfast at his table. Right there in Oxford. He was not home at the moment. He was he was with the Lord. But it is great. Oh, one other thing that he was mentioning that of time, he said, Hey, just do like all of us and keep it under 20 minutes. Why is it that everyone comes up here and it’s like time to roast pastor Brandon. This is not fair. But it is very convenient and

helpful. Man. Under cover boss, you know what, even if you haven’t seen the reality TV show, just the text, the title kind of gives you the idea of what this is about. So unsuspecting employees, right are working. And a new employee joins, joins a team, that new employee is their boss. And so I don’t know how they do it. They have cameras, they follow people? How would they not know are they that dense not to know that something’s going on here. But through it, the boss has an opportunity to see how things function. And in that if you’ve seen it, there’s moments where he’s receiving abuse from actually his employees, but it’s actual, you know, for the TV show, it’s his colleague, as well as to see how the institution runs from below. I don’t know if it’s past if it’s possible to have undercover pastor, if that would work. But you get the idea. At the very end at the reveal moment, you know, and you know, with these reality shows how much is really written and how much is really just Spontaneous, but it’s an opportunity for the owner to either fire someone, someone’s heads gonna roll or maybe his own or her own when he has to admit, or she has to admit that you know what, we could do a little better. This is just to make the bridge to introduce the topic of presence in a TV show, the presence of a boss at his company makes a lot of sense. And is very helpful. But what about presence here? The presence of the one we sync to that when we adore the one we serve, do you know that five months from today, five months they just kids, you know what this is? I thought the kids were gonna stay. You know, and I was I was looking at Phoebe Kim. Last time we spoke here. She came up and said, You got a problem with you. I’m like, Oh, really? Okay. direct it to the pastor. He’s got Why do you speak more than Why did you speak more than your wife? Mike? Well, I don’t know just how I did let her speak. She didn’t speak. So um, she’s not here, right? She left. So unless she watches the stream, she may have a few things. A few choice words for me. But kids in five months from today it is Christmas Eve. Wow. Can you believe it? So here we are Christmas in July. And you know what? That’s a time when we celebrate the incarnation of Jesus Christ. You know, him coming in flesh to the word. Now, in that a lot. There was a lot of drama. We know how King Herod was trying to kill, kill the children in Bethlehem horrible story, and also that some of the first church councils throughout the centuries after the church’s birth, we’re trying to figure out the incarnation of Christ. Even in the Cree, today, it’s explaining, trying to understand what does it mean for God, the Word to become flesh. It wasn’t just so that the Bible could could become a best seller by having all this drama, but rather to show and express, the Creator of heavens and earth, his pursuit of his people to be present among us, as he also sends us. So today’s theme is Be present. And the text is going to be coming from the Gospel of John. And it might sound like a misplaced sermon in the liturgical calendar. Like I said, maybe it’s supposed to be later in December. True in December, we wait to open our presents. But we have to wait until one day of the year to talk about the present

He could always be doing something. And yet he chooses

often to withdraw to lonely places. So there’s all sorts of instances instances of this in scripture from other people taking rest, being in silence and solitude, but we’re just gonna look at Jesus this morning, and follow his example. So the reason is, because of Jesus needed rest. If he made this a priority, when he could have been doing more, we should listen. We should pay attention. And we should implement this into our life practices as well. So you’re gonna see this on the screen. I’m just going rapid fire. I’m not gonna make much comment on any of these. We’re just gonna read this and see that this was a normal practice for Jesus. So Mark 135. Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place where he prayed. Luke 442 At daybreak, Jesus went out to a solitary place. Matthew 14 13 When Jesus heard what had happened, what happened here was John the Baptist was just executed. Okay, this is the news that he hears. So when he hears that, what’s he do? He withdraws by boat privately to a solitary place. Luke 612. One of those days, Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God. Matthew 1423, after he dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray. Later that night, he was there alone. And Luke 918. Once when Jesus was praying in private, and his disciples were with him, that just means the disciples were near him, but Jesus, like he did in the garden to send me went further in and prayed privately. He then asked them Who do the crowds say, I am. So what do we see here? Well, the Jesus often withdrew to lonely places, to pray, to be with his father. But as we look at all these pastors, what we see here is that Jesus was doing this to prepare and to pray, to prepare and to pray. He wasn’t lounging. He wasn’t emptying his mind. He wasn’t being selfish. He wasn’t neglecting his responsibilities, he had a higher priority. To prepare for his ministry that was coming, the ultimate reason for why he came and to pray to commune with his father. In his book, redeeming your time, Jordan Reiner says this, he says, lonely places aren’t places of weakness, they are places of great strength.

Do we believe that? Do we believe that?

Because Jesus shows that in his life, he’s not places of weakness, there are places of great strength. And so this is a vital component of Jesus’s ministry that we often neglect. We don’t think about a whole lot, we think about what Jesus did what Jesus said, but not what he didn’t do. The fact that he would step away, and take a break, and press pause, see, seeing the work that he could have been doing for the work that he actually came to do. Like that’s important. He knew his ultimate purpose. And so he was willing, because he had long view, to stop some things here to prepare himself for what was coming. And we need to take note of that for our own ministry. The Lord has stuff for us to do. Are we ready for it? Are we rested for it? Because it’s doing more ministry leads to burnout. We need to rest because God has given us work to do. So this changes our whole idea about what rest should look like when we look at Jesus. Okay, because biblical rest is not like the world’s Rest, rest of the world are things like leisurely activities, like lounging, like TV and movies sleeping in, and none of those things are bad. None of those things are bad. They’re good gifts that God has given to us. But I think we’re more on the we err more on this side of doing these things more and more and calling it rest, and ignoring what Jesus was doing in his rest. That’s for my own life, at least. I’m okay resting to say I’m resting. I’m just doing all these other things are not focusing on God and what He has for me. So I think we’re far more dangerous, spending too much time over here, and not enough in biblical rest. So what is the value of silence and solitude though? What’s the value of it? We see these in Jesus’s ministry. We see these in our own life if we practice these things. So I’m going to give four benefits you can see in your notes there, that’s the next section, benefits of silence and solitude. Number one, it helps us rest in the goddess of God helps us rest in the goddess of God, His sovereign rule, number seven, ceasing from our work, to trust completely in God’s sovereignty. Okay? In Psalm 62, David says, this is truly my soul finds rest in God, my salvation comes from Him. Truly, He is my rock and my salvation. He is my fortress, I will never be shaken. Yes, my soul, find rest in God. My hope comes from Him. We find rest, we need to pause because God is still God. It brings that perspective, that he’s God. And we’re not. We need to take breaks in this life, to see that the world goes on without us. It does. Nothing is falling apart because we go rest. Because he is God. And we’re not. So he’s sustaining. He’s holding all things together. It’s his. He doesn’t need us. And that’s painful for us to hear. But he doesn’t need us. He’s always been God. He invites us in. He wants to be a part of it. But when we rest what we’re showing in that moment is I trust you completely. And the world does this every single night when we lay our heads on the pillow, they just don’t know that while we’re sleeping, he is still God.

He’s still gone.

So we need to remember we’re part of creation and sit back rest and enjoy the good gifts that He gives us and enjoy the fact that He invites us in to spend time with Him. Jesus never regretted a moment he spent with his father. We won’t regret silence and solitude for spending it with him. The second thing is that room removes distraction. So the most important relationship for Jesus in this world horizontally was people. The biggest distraction in Jesus’s ministry was people. Right? I mean, this is true, it was people, that’s what he was about. But it was also the people that were distracting him, whether that was from his mission. That was they wouldn’t leave him alone to give him some of that quiet time. But distractions were people, but they’re also the most important. So that’s why there are small groups and large groups that Jesus had all the time, but they couldn’t distract him from his ultimate purpose, because he spent time in silence and solitude with his father. And that’s why he was withdrawing from people, which leads into the next point, this time rejuvenated him for ministry, we need to remember the humanity of Jesus, when he was here, he did get tired, he did get hungry, he needed this rest, just like we do. So third, rejuvenates us for ministry more than just doing ministry. So I left that one passage earlier to kind of show the examples and that’s in Mark six. In Mark chapter six, Jesus sends out the 12. And he says, You need to go out, you need to go surf. And they go out and they’re teaching and they’re healing, they’re casting out demons. And they come back later in chapter six, and report all that they’ve been doing and the success that their ministry was having. Now, if you returned from a short term, short term missions trip, and you have all these stories, you’re really amped up to go out again, when you see life change happen, you’re amped up to go out again, and I’m sure the disciples like me, and we’re seeing God do some things here. So we’d love to go back out. But that’s not what Jesus has for them. Look at Mark 631, to 32. It says then, because so many people were coming, and going, that they did not even have a chance to eat, they couldn’t even eat. There are so many people around and so much ministry taking place. Like for most of us, we would love that. I can’t eat because people want to hear about Jesus. Jesus says, Come with me by yourself to a quiet place and get some rest. So they went away by themselves in a boat to a solitary place. Jesus stopped them from doing ministry, so they be better prepared for ministry. Because he knew they would burn out, he knows we need rest, because again, he has the long view. If they keep neglecting, eating, they neglect sleeping, if they neglect time with him, their ministry will suffer. And Jesus knows that. So he calls him way to rest except this pattern, saying this is how God has designed you, you need rest. And then fourth, fourth benefit, it helps us to hear God better. It doesn’t mean in the quietness of your time with him, you’re gonna hear that audible voice telling you what to do. It doesn’t mean that he’s gonna appear in a burning bush. The kids downstairs are learning about that today with Moses call, unlikely to happen to us. So what does this mean? How can we hear the Lord? What does it what does that mean? Well, it means the distractions are gone. When we’re in silence and solitude, the distractions are gone, which means we have scripture, hopefully meditating and memorizing Scripture, we have that on our hearts, or we have our Bible with us. And we say, Lord, I only want to hear from you. We can better hear and discern what the Lord is telling us how he wants us to respond in situation, when we’re in silence. When we’re quiet before him, we give the Holy Spirit’s space to convict to rebuke and to courage, when we’re silent. So for Jackie and I, in our relationship, we’ve always made it a priority to do date nights. Okay. And so this is a regular thing that we do. And what do we do on these date nights? We talk without any distractions, the phones are gone. The kids are somewhere else. And when I said kids are our most important relationships that we her and I have together, but guess what? Our kids distraction? Yes, you can say it. Yes. Most important relationships are people horizontally, the biggest distractions are people. And so we’re sitting there, we’re talking to each other. Are we seeing anything differently than we say any other time? No, we just don’t have distractions. We don’t have distractions, so we can sit and I can hear her and I can hear it clearly. And I can hear it without thinking something else is going on in the other room.

Right? And that’s what we’re having in these moments is we communicate better we’re, we’re more clear, our understanding is better. And so when we are silent before the Lord, we hear him better. He’s not saying anything different. We just hear more clearly. At this point, I’m not asking you to go in silence and solitude so you hear a different voice. And God say something different. No, he’s put it off here. So for him this we’re immersed in this We have this we open it, he’s going to tell us exactly what we need to hear. We just now can hear it. We’re listening. I mean, okay, raise your hand. This is participation time again, how many of you try to read your Bible in a public place? Or in a crazy chaotic, loud place? Okay, how many of you try and do it in the quiet? And you’ve done that before? We were just like, when do we hear God better? When it’s quiet.

It’s just true. If you’re a

people, watcher, you know this. Sir, I read your Bible, and people come into the coffee shop.

We need to quiet we need to silence.

And so again, he’s not saying anything different. It’s just we hear him better. So maybe this idea of silence and solitude scares you, some people get really antsy, when you say Be silent, and by yourself. Okay, and I get that I understand that because that’s me. Okay, this is something that I had to really work hard at over the years. Because I do get antsy when somebody says, Go do something by yourself just lonely. In silence, maybe you get a little bit antsy. But this quote from David Mathis is one that I’ve experienced since I’ve added silence and solitude into my life into my regular rhythm of life, as I want you to hear from him. He says, you may not know how badly you needed silence and solitude until you

get to know them. Until you get to know them.

Which means we need to practice it. And we need to lean into the awkwardness that this might be for us. So we need to practice them. So we get to know them better, and get to see that we do in fact need them. So let’s look at that last section, the practice of silence, and solitude. It starts really where Mark 135 started, that I read first, as we walked through that bullet point list of verses, when it says very early in the morning, Jesus got up while I was still dark, Jesus made time to be with his father. He didn’t wait for it, he made sure was a part of his day. If we wait for the opportunity, it might not come. So we need to make the opportunity. Make sure that nothing else gets in the way. So I don’t know if this is weird to you. But I was encouraged years ago to actually put these times in your phone as if it was another appointment. Because usually, when you have something in there, you don’t let something else bump that thing out. Right, I have something. So if you know, I need to intentionally spend time with the Lord, pursue Him and hear him. If you have that in your phone, it doesn’t get bumped out. That should be a regular practice of ours, like we need to make the time because if it gets bumped out, where else is it going to go? Is it going to be able to get back into your schedule for that day. So it starts there. That’s just the whole attitude of having it. Okay, having it scheduled. Because life isn’t all work and life isn’t all rest. God is for hard work is also for rest, which is why he designed the rhythms that we have. So we have rhythms in our days. We have rhythms in our weeks, and or months, and our years. So let’s look at those kind of time periods here to kind of get more practical on some things that we can do. And I guess one other question you might be asking is okay, silence and solitude is one thing am I supposed to go sit and be quiet by myself for an hour, maybe, maybe for some of you, that’s what you need to do. But more than likely, you’re going to add any of these other spiritual disciplines that you know of a Bible reading, of memorization of meditation. And you’re going to incorporate those into the silence and solitude in some way. Because most of the spiritual disciplines work best in quiet, in silence, and in solitude. So maybe it’s taking a journal out with you. Maybe it’s taking the Bible with you. Maybe it’s walking, you know, adding something in, in order to spend time with him. So no matter where you are this morning, Christian, maybe you’re checking out Christianity, want to know more about who Jesus is, maybe you feel that anxiety and depression. Maybe you feel real busy. These are things that we can add into the regular rhythms of our life. So first, if you take notes, that’s the time daily, what can we do daily to press pause? Rainer, in his book that I already mentioned, says this, we need to get comfortable with the crevices of our day. Refuse to fill the cracks and crevices of your day with noise. So that’s a simple thing. I know I said, we’re not gonna be able to find time. Well, we could probably find a minute or two here or there. You’re driving, you’re at the doctor’s. What do we do when we get that silence and solitude in life? What do we reach your phone, right? So we have a crack, we have a crevice in the day and we fill it with noise. And he’s saying we got to resist that temptation. We got to fill those cracks and crevices with something else. Maybe that is just silence. Maybe it is prayer. Maybe it’s listening to Scripture, whatever it might be, but get comfortable with those and get comfortable entering into God’s presence in those times. Maybe need to wake up earlier or stay up later or do both Whatever some of you guys are morning people, some of you guys are evening people. And so you might do your time with the Lord at different times. But maybe you need to change that even more. Jesus got up early while he was still dark, and went away, so that he could pray. Now I’m an early morning person, as many of you know. So every day is dark when I wake up, I never wake up with the sun. Now that is not because I’m like, I wish it was looking at Jesus saying, Oh, very early morning, well, still dark he got up. That’s just me. But here’s the thing that changed and made that time silence and solitude rather than noise. Because I love sports center. And I want to know what happened the night before and all the games. But years ago, Jack and I found out on our TV that we can put, we can put a code on it so that you can’t get on the TV until a certain time of the day. So I don’t have that option anymore, because I don’t have the code. And that was very intentional. Because I said my date. My first thing is breakfast and just watching SportsCenter. And guess what something might happen at six or seven, that gets my mind going somewhere else. And I never come back to the Lord.

And so I said, I we got to figure out something to do. So this is the good thing about smart TVs, you could do this with them. I can set this timer. And so I don’t have that, that in my way in the mornings anymore. So silence and solitude that that’s just that’s just what’s built into my daily rhythm, but I don’t know what it is for you. But the Lord can help. Stay up late or wake up earlier

than leave the phone. Okay, leave the phone somewhere else. Get a real Bible, I’m sorry, shouldn’t say that. The Bible on your phone is real.

Get a Bible that you can hold like this. Get a journal and write and put the phone away. Because we’re tempted on our phones, if something dings, something comes across, can be distracted. So gotta leave our phones to the side. Second weekly, maybe you need to go for a walk. Just get out in nature. In the silence, not maybe not even an agenda to see where the Lord leads. In those moments. Find special places for you where you can go where you just know like here I I feel like I can get away from some things. And remove the distractions be with the Lord. Donal winning his book, spiritual disciplines of the Christian life has a great one. He says trade off responsibilities with your spouse. So if somebody is struggling, being in the Word, you say, Hey, I’m going to do this tonight. So you can go do that. And you can spend time with the Lord. And then the next night, you just trade off those responsibilities. So you make sure that that’s just built into your home. Right to help each other out and your time with the Lord. What about monthly, maybe get out in nature for an extended period of time go out on a drive. But schedule something a little bit longer monthly. So for Brandon, I have a habit that we’ve gotten into is going to the arboretum, and we kind of do our own things while we’re there. But like from 7am until before lunch, I’m there walking and praying. And I got a little journal. And here’s the thing. I’ve never heard the Lord say something different in those moments. But I have heard him say the same thing for the 1,000th time, and I finally got it. And then you just think, and you ask the Lord to show you some things, some ways that you can better serve your family, better serve the church, somebody that you know needs to hear about Jesus, and He will bring those to you because you’re in the quiet. It’s just you and him. And then the extended one is maybe you need to take a whole day, maybe a retreat, maybe a week to intentionally pursue God and hear from him. We do retreat a lot in our culture, golf outings, spa, weekends, girls time, guys time and we go new do all these things. Imagine if you went to your spouse and said I need a weekend the view of the Lord.

Hopefully they don’t fight you on it.

But isn’t that something we should do? We should, because there’s all these points in our lives, we need to be prepared, like Jesus was preparing for the cross and being with his father. So hopefully those are some ideas that we can pull from for silence and solitude in our lives. One more thing I want us to think about is probably the most famous time for Jesus in silence and solitude was in the garden Kissanime. He goes into his disciples and he goes a little further and praise the Lord, praise his father three times. And the silence and the solitude. He was preparing for what was next. He was praying for what was next. And he knew that was his betrayal and a sacrifice on the cross for our salvation. And in that salvation. He knew we would be provided rest. He knew what this would bring for us. So that should be motivation enough for us to say I want to spend time with you. I get Spend time with you not I have to, we need to get that out of our minds. I have to go spend time with the Lord. No, you get to spend time with the Lord. Because what Jesus did on the cross, and that should be enough. And if it’s not, I love the line in the song was saying, Lord, make my heart belief. Make my heart believe that you’re better. Make my heart believe that silence and solitude are enough. Because we don’t believe it all the time. The other things look attractive, make me believe. We need to press pause to pursue Jesus and hear from him. Now quick word to parents, here in the room and online. This is important for our kids, for us as parents to create this culture in our home. One reason this generation is busy, and one reason why this generation is gonna have a hard time with mental health is because of us. Because we overschedule it’s a land of opportunity, people still say that when they come to this country, it doesn’t mean we need to give them every opportunity. It doesn’t, we are setting them up, we are doing a disservice to our kids to have them in every single thing. If we don’t teach them how to press pause, and be quiet in the Lord, they will fill it with something else. And they will always have something to fill it with. So my oldest, CJ knows this, well, we have this conversation a lot. If it’s a competition thing, or if it’s a challenge thing he wants to do, it doesn’t matter what it is, he wants to try it. And we have to have regular conversations, he knows this. You can’t do everything.

But try to explain that to a kid who’s 10.

He says sometimes the quiet of home of us reading together being together pursuing the Lord together is better. And in one day, hopefully he sees it. Because it is better. So we need to prepare them to have experiences where they are quiet before the Lord and not filling it with other things. So my hope for us as we close a chapter in 2021, and we look forward to this next year is that we choose rest, okay, by pressing pause, regularly as a church, as an individual as families, and just thought, What if our goal was to just slow down this year? What if our goal was to slow down, because with my kids with watching TV, when I press pause, when I press pause, and they go do something, they’re gonna come back and finish the show. They’re just doing something that’s more important at that time and taking a break from that. And that’s what it means to press pause. And here’s the thing, when we do that, not only do we get to spend time with the Lord, we come back better for it. And that’s what we have to believe. We have to believe the pressing pause here and ceasing from something else. And spending time with the Lord is not only that’s better, but that makes everything else better to like we become a better father, a better mother, a better husband, a better wife, a better child, a better employee, a better citizen, a better friend, a better church member, we spend time with Jesus. So it’s, it’s enough to spend time with him. But we have to believe in those times he will use that He will be faithful in that to change our hearts and transform us from the inside out. And that people will know they won’t be able to put a label on it. But they’ll know you’re spending time with him. Because our goal every year, and I say this, I think every year, on this last sermon of the year, our goal is to look more like Jesus at the end of 2022 than we do today. And that’s our goal every single year. And a lot of that is going to come from the quietness of our time with him. And so if you’ve got your notes, if you’ve got something that you’re taking notes on or grab something around you, when we start praying here, I’m going to give you a second in silence. Okay, I’m gonna give you a second to silence and then I’m going to pray for us. What I want you to do in that moment, I want you to give this to the Holy Spirit and say what is it in your life right now that you know you can take a break from you’ll come back to it. Take a break from to spend time with him to press pause. It’s all lead us in that I’ll give you a moment to just kind of be on your own with the Lord to do that. Sorry, can’t be solitude. There’s a lot of other people. But we can be silent for a few minutes. Embrace the awkwardness of the silence, and just you and God talking to each other. Figuring out where this place is in your life right now where you can do this. Okay. So let’s pray. Lord of these next few moments, I pray that you would in this silence help us to see that area of our life where we need to set aside some time to be with you

You’ve given us rest that we need so often is neglected. So we want to say thank you for that gift. And we want to thank you that you, through the cross of Jesus Christ have made a way for us to rest. Not only in our salvation, but to be able to rest to take a break from all the other things and all the other distractions in our life and spend it with you. Not only because we know it’s a chance to worship you, but this is a chance for us to hear from you. A chance for us to be changed by you. And so for each one of us, myself included, Lord, I know there are places in my life where I can take some time and make sure that I am pressing pause from that choosing rests with you. We want to see your face I want to gaze on you and your glory and hear from you. And if you need to tell us the same thing over and over and over again until we are quiet before you when we hear it for the first time.

Please help us to do that. Make our hearts believe that you are better. And make our hearts believe that spending time with you is better. Every single day. Jesus we love you. We pray this in Your name. Amen.

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