At Cityview, we believe in the importance of lifelong learning.

Explore the faithWe provide a variety of classes during our Explore the Faith hour (Sundays at 9a) that will help enrich your understanding of the faith. These classes promote spiritual growth, theological and biblical insight, and ministry development, all of which will help you to become a mature and equipped follower of Christ.

We offer certain classes regularly, such as our Membership and Spiritual Gifts classes. We also offer a variety of electives, typically offering one class each quarter in these five tracks:

Explore Christianity

The Well

Introduction to the faith and the church for those investigating Christianity or Cityview


Inductive study of different books of the Bible


Training for personal ministry (outreach, discipleship, etc.) and leadership


Our most rigorous classes intellectually, centering on theology and apologetics

The Portico

Practical instruction on topics like parenting, marriage, finances, and the like

Current Offerings

Gospel Shaped Mercy from the Gospel Shaped Church (Tyrannus) ♦ May 6 – June 17

Christians have rightly been suspicious of churches that give themselves to political and social campaigns—and seem to lose focus on the gospel at the same time. Explore how a right understanding of the gospel moves us towards ministries of mercy. This track stimulates discussion as to how this looks in everyday life and in our local church context. Click here to watch video. Open to all.

Spiritual Gifts – DiscoverMe (Tyrannus) ♦ May 27-June 17

God designed us all uniquely—different gifts, different passions, different personalities—to accomplish unique ministry opportunities. Discover who you are as you study what the Bible has to say about spiritual gifts and our ministry callings, understand your personality type, and identify your strengths—all with an aim to discovering how God would have you serve in his kingdom. Open to all. Some outside assignments will be required.

2 Samuel (Berea) ♦ June 10-September 2

While most of us will likely never become a heroic figure, by studying 2 Samuel we can still clearly relate to David. Even if we’re far from perfect and our flaws are often evident, we can continually strive toward David’s most positive attribute—possessing a deep and profound faith in God. Who knows, in the end perhaps God will use us to impact His kingdom in “larger-than-life” ways. Open to all.

The Whole Truth About God (Tyrannus) ♦ June 24- September 2

Only right theology can lead to right worship and right obedience. Every church should strive to believe, confess and live in light of a truly biblical theology and sound doctrine. This study looks at why biblical theology is important, and then shows participants how biblical theology can fuel their love, holiness, worship, witness, and unity. Open to all.