At Cityview, we believe in the importance of lifelong learning.

We provide a variety of classes during our Explore Hour (Sundays at 9a) that will help enrich your understanding of the faith. These classes promote spiritual growth, theological and biblical insight, and ministry development, all of which will help you to become a mature and equipped follower of Christ.

We offer certain classes regularly, such as our Membership and Spiritual Gifts classes. We also offer a variety of electives, typically offering one class each quarter in these five tracks:

Explore Christianity

The Well

Introduction to the faith and the church for those investigating Christianity or Cityview


Inductive study of different books of the Bible


Training for personal ministry (outreach, discipleship, etc.) and leadership


Our most rigorous classes intellectually, centering on theology and apologetics

The Portico

Practical instruction on topics like parenting, marriage, finances, and the like

Current Offerings

Christ-Centered Parenting: Gospel Conversations on Complex Cultural Issues (Portico), led by Pat Ward, Rm. 205 ♦ November 18-Dec 23

This study seeks to equip parents, families, churches, and ministry leaders to be conversant in the cultural issues our kids of all ages from preschool through young adults face today. Open to all. Click for video link.

Jesus Among Secular Gods (Tyrannus), led by Lud Anderson, Rm. 303 ♦ November 18-Dec 23

Learn how to confront the empty promises of cultural philosophies and develop confidence sharing the claims of Christ. Open to all. Click for video link.

The Gospel According to Jonah (Berea), led by Gary VanZandbergen, Rm. 204 ♦ November 18-Dec 23

In the world of Jonah, we get more than a foreshadowing of Jesus and a God that pursues us relentlessly. Through this study, participants learn to recognize the “Jonah” in themselves and channel this revelation into a greater passion for asking others into the same assurance. Open to all. Click for video link.